WordsWord Lists are not intended to provide meanings for the records they enumerate. It is the student's responsibility to do that. Since meanings come from the context within which the vocabulary word is found, extensive research may be necessary and unending. In order to really get to know the words in the following word lists, you need to not only know the definitions that you can find in dictionaries, but you also need to know the contexts within which the words are used. I recommend that you try to use these words in sentences with other English speakers, practice including the words in writings that you produce and more importantly, notice the words when you are reading and engaged in conversation.

Remember that after a certain proficiency has been achieved with these lists, the best approach possible is for the language learner to read in the target language -- English. Reading is private and can be done at one's own pace. Also, please keep in mind that the Academic Word Lists above have an academic focus. Searching out other vocabulary sources that concentrate on other fields such as medicine, business, sports and entertainment are valuable and enriching ways to learn about words and stay abreast of the world that interests you.


General Word Lists:
100 Most Commonly Used Words
Second 100 Most Commonly Used Words
Third 100 Most Commonly Used Words

Academic Word Lists:
The Most Frequent Academic Words
Second Most Frequent Academic Words
Third Most Frequent Academic Words
Fourth Most Frequent Academic Words
Fifth Most Frequent Academic Words
Sixth Most Frequent Academic Words
Seventh Most Frequent Academic Words

Eighth Most Frequent Academic Words
Ninth Most Frequent Academic Words
Tenth Most Frequent Academic Words


Rather than deliniate all the various configuations of word lists, the following link can serve as a productive starting point for further investigation of vocabulary by the student.

More Word Lists



Last Updated: November 8, 2016